Self-Imposed Sabbatical

I have resigned from my previous position as Engineering Manager as of Dec 29th, 2014.   It was a self imposed sabbatical.   I came to this decision when I realized that where I was not content with the state of things, both at work and at home.

A working mom’s life is like a conveyer belt in a factory.  It goes on and on.   I believe that goes for every working mom and it does not matter whether you work at a fast food restaurant or an engineering firm.  My day used to start at 5:30am,  I get up (hopefully before the kids), take a shower and try and have some breakfast.  Ben will be up around 6 am.  I will then rouse Laura and we all brush our teeth.   Give Ben his breakfast,  change Laura and give her the bottle. After that I prepare Ben’s and Laura’s lunch for daycare.  When Ben is done with breakfast, change him and get him ready for day care.   After Jim has woken up and showered,   I get ready to leave for work.   My commute was 40 minutes so I try to leave the house by 7:15 am.

Now as I sit here looking for my next prospect,  I know that the above summary of the start of my day will probably be 95% the same.   To say that I don’t mind it, is probably not true because it feels very hectic.   However,  I do not dislike it at all.   I do realized that I am one that can’t sit still very long.

A sabbatical is good for self reflection,   I do need to put in more exercise time during workdays because I feel my body is wearing down.  Jim and I need more time to spend just chatting after we put the babies to sleep.   We’ve found a new babysitter so that will definitely help for date nights.   I’d like to get our backyard to be more kids friendly, that will take work (and time that I may or may not have ;-)).   I would say,  overall goal is just try to enjoy the moment; however short it may be.

As for new prospects, it is highly unlikely with my criterion that I would be working in Salem.  So  I know commuting will be part of the picture.  If and when the new prospect comes to fruition,  and I am confident of the company;   we may move to be closer to Portland.   I then can offer Jim the sabbatical (if he wants to) that he is giving to me right now.  I am aware of how important it is,  and how lucky I am to be able to afford time to reflect.   This time off is very different than our two weeks vacation, where we know we need to do all this stuff because work is coming back full throttle after two weeks.

I am savouring this time off,  it is quite unnerving looking for new prospects but it for the best.  Now off to Portland,  Laura’s birthday is coming up,  Grandma and Erin is visiting.  Chinese New Year (The Year of The Goat) is the day after Laura’s birthday.

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