PMP – Done – Checked

Late last year, I got the fine idea that during my maternity leave,  I was going to have time in my hands to prepare for my PMP (Project Management Professional) certification.  Yes… I know how ridiculous that sounds like now, no words can really describe the degree of “clueless”.  My only excuse is that it was my first pregnancy.   I thought if I normally work an average of 10 to 11 hour days,  not working with a baby seems like easy street!.  Again, “Yes” clueless.

So after Ben was born, and my maternity leave had expired, not a page from the PMBOK was ruffled.   Safe to say I was completely out of my league when it comes to juggling baby and lack of sleep.  The line “PMP Certication” did not enter my mind once in 3 months.  My PMP certification time limit was starting to countdown, there is only 1 year limit before you have to completely reapply and go through the process again.  Soon I realize that if I did not start preparing in earnest,  I might as well just quit the certification.  So I put myself down to the task,  starting in May one hour each night after Ben goes to sleep and half days over the weekend.  Skipped 1 family trip that I wished I had taken however it was just too risky and skipped a whole lot of gardening this summer.  Hubby helped out around the house more than usual so that I’ll have time to study on PMP.

July 9,  2012:  Drove myself to Prometric test center at 8am.  Sat down and started the exam.  I completed the exam in about 3 hours and 40 minutes.  Started doing  some review but did not complete and ran out of time.


I Passed :-). Proficient in all categories except for one.  WHOPPEEEEEEE!!!! Done!  Whewwwh…  what a relief!

Now to put the knowledge to practice in my day to day activities……  that should be easy right? Right…  😉


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