15 mins Dinner Plan

Every weekday,  I come home from work frantic trying to get dinner to the table.  I get home about 6:05pm; I am hungry, Ben is hungry and so is J.   We are tired of frozen food bags (with that said, it’s still a life saver once in a awhile).   Ben does not care for it of course,  he is only 16 months!.   So we’ve come up with a dinner plan.   A schedule for easy evening meals.   Yes,  very predictable for a project manager :-) (truth be told it was Jim’s idea).

So we’ve got a two weeks plan and recipes to go with it.   Most of them consist of crock pot recipes, pressure cooker recipes or rice cooker with timer recipes.  So far Ben loves beef stew made in a pressure cooker,  beans and ham soup from the crock pot,  easy weeknight curries and fried rice.   Keeping my fingers cross that this will alleviate the crazy evening rush to get dinner to the table!

So if you have easy weeknight dinner recipes, please send them my way.



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