Paris Day 2

  • April 30th
  • Visit to Palace and Gardens of Versailles 1-IMG_5347-001
  • Fat Tire Bike Tour – fanstatic tour. Will recommend to others.
  • Tour Guide was from New Zealand :-).  His name was Costigen.  He wore a funky coloured cap so that we can see him among the masses.


  • Tour Guide – from NZ Constigen
  • Petit Trianon
  • Grand Trianon
  • Versailles Market – Pate, Sausignon, Emmantel Cheese,  Dried Strawberries, Cream Puff1-IMG_5300
  • Waited in line for > 2hours , it was a Tuesday.  Versailles is closed on Monday and the next day was May 1st Labor Day in France (ie. Versailles will be closed as well)
  • The palace was jammed pack with tourist.   Supper narrow corridors with thousand of people in at once.  Did not enjoy the palace visit.
  • The gardens was beautiful but it started raining.
  • Jim and I are still recovering from our cold
  • Jim had a bad back
  • A tree fell on an RER train,  the metro that we were suppose to leave Versailles town from is closed or delayed until 8pm.
  • Raining. walked from one RER to another.
  • Finally walked back to the RER station that we started from which was by the Starbucks (yes there is a starbucks) and McDonalds (and no we did not get any McDonalds).
  • Got back on another RER train,  stopped at Saint Lazare, change to Metro and got back to Mercure Hotel.


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