Well, 2013 flew by so quickly that our trip to Paris, my sister and brother in-laws visit to Oregon, Ben’s second birthday party, and etc all seems to blur together.  We are quickly moving into 2014 with great anticipation of our second child,  and Ben adapting to a baby sister.  This will of course be accompanied by the whole process of maternity leave, a trip to Malaysia with the little one,  Jim’s paternity leave in the first and second quarter of 2014.  We are also thinking of home renovation towards end of Q3.

As far as New Year’s resolution,  I had two.  The first was to create a Little Free Library for our neighborhood and second was to leave work on time especially now in my last trimester.

We are still in South Salem,  and happy here.    Ben is growing up before our eyes, he loves to sing wheel of the bus.  I managed to get him to learn “Two Tigers” in Chinese (Liang Ze Lao Hu).  He sings the song now and then but sometimes blends the song with “Are you sleeping, are you sleeping, brother John” because the two songs have the same tune.

Yesterday   during snack time, he started singing some songs as loud as he can.  Neither Jim nor I knew what song it was.  So we decided to join in with “We are the world” (note: the only song that popped into my head).  After a couple of verses,  Ben said to us…. “You are hurting my ears”…and he used both hands to plugged his ears.  Can you believe that little rascal???  Jim and I vouched to sing that song for his graduation, or his wedding, etc…

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