Tribute to a leader


(Wedding Photo 1950: Lee Kuan Yew and Kwa Geok Choo)

When a great leader passes on,  you will hear the nation cry and see the country mourn his passing.   I was lucky enough to witness the event even if it is from afar and through friends and family living in Malaysia and Singapore.

Growing up in Malaysia,  we never learnt why Singapore left Malaysia.  Hailing from Penang,  we do know that there is a sister state south of the Malaysian peninsular.  In Malaysia, there was always a certain awe and envy towards the prosperity of Singapore.

There are no leaders without critics,  he or she will never please everyone because that would be an impossible task and a foolhardy goal.

In east asian culture,  you know when you are loved and respected truly the day you passed.   Mourners in thousands and millions will weep for a leader,  citizens lined up voluntarily for hours to pay their last respects,  private companies shutters their doors so their employees can mourn for the leader in their own way.

Note:  These pictures were sent to me by sister who lives in Singapore.  The almond colored building is where the casket lays for citizens of Singapore to pay their last respect.

Call him what you may,  but the world has just witness the passing of a Great Leader.


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